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Communication Service Center, Inc. - CSC GPS (Fleet Management Division)

Communication Service Center has partnered with Verizon Networkfleet, a leader in remote vehicle diagnostics, Networkfleet offers the first truly integrated GPS tracking and diagnostic monitoring system for wireless vehicle management.

CSC GPS is a leading provider of wireless fleet management services that improve fleet operating efficiency by reducing fuel consumption, maintenance expenses and vehicle emissions.

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Industry Expertise

CSC GPS provides professional fleet management solutions in several industries including federal, state, and local government, field services, transportation, and utilities. Networkfleet’s GPS fleet tracking and management expertise helps you manage and maintain your fleet.

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Realtime Reporting

With CSC GPS and Networkfleet you get access to real-time GPS fleet tracking to see vehicle location in satellite, hybrid, and street map views; review historical reporting that shows vehicle locations and usage; and monitor vehicle location near a landmark or within a geofence.

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